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Jackie Chan on social media expressed that he was willing to offer 1 million RMB for anyone who creates an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus. "In order to help fight the outbreak, I am willing to do anything." However even he called his idea childish.
Hong Kong UA cinema circuit yesterday morning announced on social media a new arrangement to prevent outbreak. The entire UA circuit and K11 Art House starting next Monday will implement "alternate row ticket sale" to reduce the density of the audience. Viewers must wear medical masks at the cinema. The entire circuit will open at 2PM. Emperor circuit also has new arrangements, including cleaning and disinfecting public areas every year, adding air purifiers, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for customer use, and requiring employees to wear medical masks. Bob Lam Sing Bun said about the new circuit arrangements, "I understand the intention of the cinemas, hoping to have a little more space between viewers in order to be safer. However they may have to alternate seats too for any effect."Read more

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