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courtesy of singtao.comcourtesy of mingpao.comJackie Chan on social media expressed that he was willing to offer 1 million RMB for anyone who creates an effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus. "In order to help fight the outbreak, I am willing to do anything." However even he called his idea childish. Hong Kong UA cinema circuit yesterday morning announced on social media a new arrangement to prevent outbreak. The entire UA circuit and K11 Art House starting next Monday will implement "alternate row ticket sale" to reduce the density of the audience. Viewers must wear medical masks at the cinema. The entire circuit will open at 2PM. Emperor circuit also has new arrangements, including cleaning and disinfecting public areas every year, adding air purifiers, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for customer use, and requiring employees to wear medical masks. Bob Lam Sing Bun said about the new circuit arrangements, "I understand the intention of the cinemas, hoping to have a little more space between viewers in order to be safer. However they may have to alternate seats too for any effect."

[2020.02.07] FOR THE WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 2 2020

For the week ending Sunday February 2 2020Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong10 LITTLE WOMEN d. Greta Gerwig Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timonthee Chalamet, Meryl Streep 9 BAD BOYS FOR LIVE d. Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah Will Smith, Martin Lawrence 8 JOJO RABBIT d. Taika Waititi Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Taiki Waititi, Rebel Wilson, Stephen Merchant, Alfie Allen, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson 7 1917 d. Sam Mendes George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, 6 ENTER THE FAT DRAGON Can : Fei Lung Gor Gong Lit : Fat Dragon Crosses the River d. Kenji TangiakiDonnie Yen Chi Tan, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Wong Jing, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Jessica Jann Kei Ching, Naoto Takenaka, Joe Tee, Tetsu Watanabe, Chaney Lin (Lam Chau Nam), Wong Cho Lam, Lawrence Chou Chun Wai, Jerry Lamb Hiu Fung, Yan Hua, Hiro Hayama (Yip Shan Ho), Jim Chim Shui Man, Anthony Chan Yau, Bob Lam Sing Bun, Tyson Chak, Philip Ng Won Lung, Wong Jing Rating : IIB Length : 96 mins. Opening January 23 2020 Trailer :[ THE FILM CATALOGUE ]The 300-pound special agent Chu loses his convict in custody in Japan. Deeper trouble befalls when he finds himself pursued by both triads and police... 5 YOU ARE THE ONE Can : Ngor Dik Shun Poon Nam Yau Lit : My Hot Property Boyfriend d. Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Bob Lam Sing Bun, Ashina Kwok Yik Sum, Elva Ni, Kandy Wong Shan Yee, Erin Wang Zhuoqi, Snow Suen Wai Suet, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Kaki Sham, Mak Ling Ling, Carrie Ng Ka Lai Rating : IIA Length : 94 mins. January 25 2020 Trailer : Site: [ EMPEROR MOTION PICTURES ] Young, talented rogue trader Finn Ma lives a mysterious, low-key life. The word "failure" doesn't exist in his vocabulary, and he's never seen a deal he can't make. However, his life experiences a 180-degree change when he encounters Bo. All her life, Bo has never believed that good things will happen to her. Having lost her parents at an early age, she sees dreams as unreachable things. To make ends meet, she works multiple jobs, including one as a promoter in a Karaoke joint. One night, Finn hold a secret meeting in a nightclub with his employees. On his way out, he tosses out cash to get rid of two gold-digging girls hitting on him. Bo sees this and mistakes him as the vanished swindler who caused her friend, Pauline, to attempt suicide. Bo confronts Finn and drags him away. The two go to the hospital where Pauline still lies in a coma after her suicide attempt. Pauline's older brother, Wing, and her other friends all believe that Finn is the bad boyfriend responsible for Pauline's suicide, forcing Finn to take responsibility. Wing believes that Finn is the only one who can wake Pauline up, so he drags Finn to his home to prevent Finn from running away. During their short time together, Finn starts to grow fond of Bo. He learns of her sad background and her passive attitude towards life's hardships. Finn, who believes that people must take control of their own fate, uses the Law of Attraction to convince Bo to change her own destiny. In the end, Wing and the others realize that Finn is really not Pauline's boyfriend and lets him go. When he leaves, Finn promises to see Bo again. A month later, Bo finds a luxury sedan parked in front of her workplace, and the owner is Finn. She finally learns that Finn is actually the ideal boyfriend that every girl dreams of: Rich, handsome and a perfect gentleman. However, this Cinderella's adventure has just begun! 4 SPIES IN DISGUISE d. Nick Bruno, Troy Quane Blue Sky Studio Animation English Voice: Will Smith, Tom Holland 3 ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 Can : Ga Yau Hei Si 2020 d. Raymond Wong Pak Ming Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, DaDa Chan Jing, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Adam Pak Tin Nam, Sheila Chan Suk Lan, Law Kar Ying, Cheung Tat Ming, Liu Kai Chi, Helena Law Lan, Jim Chim Tsui Man, Andrew Lam Man Chung, Kingdom Yuen King Tan, Richard Ng Yiu Hon, Wong Yat Shan, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Toby Chan Ting Yan, Stephen Huynh (Wong Hing Cheung), Mak Cheung Ching, Bob Chang Yin Bok, Yu Mo Lin, Chen Jiajia, Kendy Cheung King Yan, Aliya Fan Man Nga, Lisa Ch'ng Si Ming, Six Cents (Luk Chi Ho), Maggie Yu Miao, Terry Zou Man Ching, Shirley Shen Din Yi, Chow Chi Hing, Jiro Lee Sheung Ching, Rating : IIA Length : 98 mins. Opening January 25 2020 Trailer : [ CINEMA ONLINE MALAYSIA ] All three Yau brothers are con artists who use their notorious talents to punish bad people. They meet fellow con artists, the Lui sisters, through a misunderstanding and both sets of siblings decide to team up. Their target is an infamous mob boss, who they plan to scam using various tricks and disguises. 2 DOLITTLE d. Stephen Gaghan Robert Downey Jr. 1 THE GRAND GRANDMASTER Can : Muk Doi Jung Si Lit : Whatever Generation Grandmaster d. Dayo Wong Tze Wah Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Benz Hui Siu Hung, Harriet Yeung Sze Man, Dickson Yuen Man Tai, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Chen Jiajia, Eddie Law Tin Chi, C Kwan (Stephen Cheng Sze Kwan), Eric Tang Chi Kin, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, 6 Wing (Billy Luk Wing Kuen), Tyson Chak Hoi Tai Rating : IIA Length : 117 mins. Opening January 23 2020 (Preview) Trailer : [ CINEMA ONLINE MALAYSIA ] Following Grandmaster Fei Lung's defeat to his rival, Chun, he challenges her to a final fight in order to restore his reputation. His plan to win the fight is derailed when he unexpectedly develops romantic feelings towards her. He will have to figure out a way to win both the fight and Chun's affection.


courtesy of singtao.comThe film MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH) went international from the Golden Plaza on Prince Edward Road and was successfully selected for two international film festival competition, including the 22nd Udine Far East Film Festival and the 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival. MY PRINCE EDWARD would compete against 14 other films at the 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival and hold its Japanese premiere. MY PRINCE EDWARD would also hold its European premiere at the 22nd Udine Far East Film Festival. Lead actress Stephy Tang Lai Yun was grateful for the recognition of the film because she personally liked MY PRINCE EDWARD very much as well. "MY PRINCE EDWARD was recognized once again, aside from being its lead actress I sincerely like this film very much. Thus all the nominations and recognition that MY PRINCE EDWARD receive move me very much! Congratulation to Director Norris, congratulations to the MY PRINCE EDWARD team! I look forward for the good news to keep on coming!" Lead actor Chu Pak Hong said that he was proud of the cast and the crew. "Today I got the news of MY PRINCE EDWARD being selected to two film festivals, and I am proud of the brothers and sisters of the cast and the crew. During this outbreak period, it is very fortunate that Hong Kong film still has good news and excite everyone. I hope no matter the industry or Hong Kong would keep going during this difficult period!"


courtesy of mingpao.comIrene Wan Bik Ha with the film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) won the 8th Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actress in Ireland. She received more good news as the film was selected for its fourth film festival, the 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival. Irene and her family earlier spent the Lunar New Year in Bali. Two nights ago she celebrated with a group of good friends. She did not expect that the evening would not just end with dessert but also a cake that was filled with a gold statue and a replica of herself. Actually her friends secretly celebrated her first international Best Actress award. Irene was tear eyed as she blew out the candles. "I am very happy, thank you everyone for giving me this surprise. The cake is very pretty, very thoughtful. I would continue to work hard, and make more good movies for everyone! I was very moved, haha!" Irene was grateful and truly wanted to thank each fan, friend, Emperor boss Mr. Yeung (Albert Yeung Sau Sing), Mani (Fok Man Hei) and all the colleagues, and every managers who has helped her in the past and the present. Irene somewhat regretted that because she promised her family to spend the Lunar New Year in Bali, did not attend the 8th Silk Road International Film Fesival in Ireland and was unable to personally accept the award. As for the award and the certificate, Irene said that she still has not received them yet as they were probably on the way. She looked forward to holding them in her hands very much. Last night Irene flew to Paris to work a French film and would spend two weeks there for the production.


courtesy of mingpao.comAs the novel coronavirus outbreak continued, two days ago the Food and Health Bureau Secretary Sophia Chan Siu Chee called for cinemas, karaoke boxes, tutor centers, hobby committees and clubs and other venues for mass gathering to temporarily close to reduce the risk of person to person transmission. The Hong Kong Theaters Association said that due to how sudden the matter has been, theater owners have not sat down and met. The current environment would not be suitable for everyone to gather and meet anyway. As for whether cinemas will temporary close, they would have a lot of factors and legal contracts to consider -- for example whether film companies and shopping centers would agree. They would not stop when they want to. Broadway Circuit for now has no intention to temporary close, but after the alternative row ticket sale, disinfecting the theaters after each showing, canceling some early and extended shows earlier, yesterday it put even stricter outbreak prevention process including requiring all viewers to wear masks and temperature checks. Anyone with a temperature higher than the limit or without mask would be turned away and their tickets would be refunded. Due to the outbreak, two days ago (February 10th) the single day highest grossing film was BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN with HK$ 660,000. In second was ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 (GA YAU HEI SI 2020) with only HK$ 80,000. Dayo Wong Tze Wah's THE GRAND GRANDMASTER (MUK DOI JUNG SI)'s single day box office plummeted from over HK$ 2 million daily during the Lunar New Year holiday when the outbreak was not as severe, to the end of the holiday when it drastically declined to several hundred daily. Two days ago it fell from six to five figures with only HK$ 70,000. As for February 10th its cumulative box office was HK$ 29 million. According to the Hong Kong Box Office Co. Ltd., between the Lunar New Year's Even to the Lunar third the total box office was HK$ 43 million, almost HK$ 20 million less than HK$ 61.28 million during the same period last year. The decline was over 30%. However, the DaDa Chan Jing starred THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM -TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI) would be released as scheduled on February 13rd (Sunday) without any fear of the outbreak. The Tai Bo and Ben Yuen Fu Wa starred SUK SUK also decided against postponing and would be released on March 12th.


courtesy of on.ccZanilia Zhou's drama LEGEND OF FEI has hope to be the first drama to return to work in HengdianEason Chan's Shanghai concerts have been postponedcourtesy of singtao.comHengdian World Studios has suspected production to the outbreak, but the Hengdian film and television cultural production industrial cluster management office issued "guidance suggestion for safe and orderly production resumption of the film and television industry (drama) for the novel coronavirus outbreak prevention period". It mentioned that in order to ensure film and television industry (drama)'s safe and orderly production return, the return period in principle could not be sooner than February 12th midnight. Dramas would resume production in stages. The first stage would begin on February 13rd, and team members during the Spring Festival must be present locally. After passing inspection the shows would be able to resume work in advance. As for the second stage for the film and television industry production return, it would be determined according to the outbreak prevention progress. The third stage would be after the outbreak has ended as normal productions would resume. As for the Hengdian World Studio production return progress, Hengdian film and television cultural industrial cluster management office said, "The response to returning to work has been overwhelming. Since February 3rd many applications have already been received. For now none has been approved yet. A complete return to work would have to wait until the class one response to be lifted on the entire province of Zhejiang."


courtesy of on.ccDerek Yee hopes that the award presentations will be able to take place in early MayBETTER DAYS' Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee garner attentionMY PRINCE EDWARD's Chu Pak Hong and Stephy Tang have lead acting nominationsFATAL VISIT's Charlene Choi competes for Best Supporting Actress as the favoritecourtesy of singtao.comDerek Yee describes that this year's Hong Kong Film Awards as facing unprecedented difficultyHong Kong Film Awards cancels its actual award show for the first time in 39 yearsSammi Cheng is nominated for Best Actress with both FAGARA and FATAL VISIT, would they improve her chances or split her votes?BETTER DAYS leads with 12 nominations as leads Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu both receive nominationsMY PRINCE EDWARDS nets Stephy Tang a Best Actress and a Best Film Song nominationBEYOND MY DREAM's Cecilia Choi is nominated for Best Actress again after wining the Hong Kong Film Critic Society AwardI'M LOVIN' IT's Aaron Kwok, A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE's Louis Koo and SUK SUK's Tai Bo vie for Best Actorcourtesy of mingpao.comThe 39th Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday announced its nominations, but due to the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the Hong Kong Film Award board of directors after days of meeting has decided to cancel the live nomination announcement at the Cultural Center and released the nomination over email instead. The Hong Kong Film Awards president Derek Yee Tung Sing yesterday spoke with the media over a phone conference. Because the outbreak situation remained uncertain, the originally scheduled April 19th actual award presented would not take place this year at the Cultural Center on a stage in front of an audience. It became the first time in 39 years that the Hong Kong Film Awards presentation would be canceled due to an outbreak. The event hoped to present the award to the winners and was considering a pre-recorded format, or the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award's first announcing the winners then presenting the award format. Yee Tung Sing said that the novel coronavirus has shown no sign of subsiding and the Hong Kong Film Award would have to take place at the end of April, but from set building to the live award presentation, over 400 people would be involved. For an earlier meeting they could not purchase any medical mask and everyone was already taking risks. Thus last week the board of directors decided to first stop the existing award presentation format. At the same time voter screening also ran into problems. The Hong Kong Film Awards' first round voting could be done via mail. After the nominations came out the second round voting would immediately begun and require nominated film screenings. However they ran into problems because in the past screenings would be held for industry insiders at the Film Archives and the Louis Koo Theater, however now both have closed. Thus they would have to discuss with all film companies to see if they would provide videos to voters or use technology to watch the film online with passwords. He believed that the "award show" would be able to take place in early May. Yee Tung Sing explained that even if the award show took place at the Cultural Center or switched to the Kowloon Bay International Exhibition center, the event had no way to control the environmental condition. Due to ViuTV (broadcast) and other sponsors, they considered taping the event. However overseas actors were nominated, thus this week this week he would again meet with creative, production committees and producers before announcing the new award show format. If the format would be taped, would the awards first reach the winners' hands or be presented in person? Yee Tung Sing replied, "This is a very detailed question. We of course hope to remain confidential, but it would be very difficult. When we tape we have to let the winner know, we also have to consider the nominees' willingness. In addition the venue may also run into difficulties. We also have to come up with ways to reduce participating workers as we don't want too many people to gather. Thus we have to keep meeting to handle such matter." Was handing this matter a big challenge for him? Yee Tung Sing said that the SARS year probably was Joe Cheung Tung Cho's responsibility. At the time it went on as scheduled. He said, "The problem I face is too many people at the planning, we have to have countless meetings but they would be very hard to get done. I hope to have 10 more days for meetings before coming up with a proposal." This year's nominations included Mainland actors Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee (BETTER DAYS). Even if they won they might not be able to accept the award in person. He said, "This problem might happen, now we are coming up with ideas. The results of the second round voting would not be available until April 3rd to 5th at the earliest. Actually we still have some time. Even if we have to tape the recording would not begun until early April. So for now I can't express what the proposal would be like." Would the award show be postponed again? Yee Tung Sing said that in principle next year would be the 40th anniversary of the Hong Kong Film Award. Thus he did not want to postpone to as late as September or October. The voting would take place as soon as possible, the awards would be presented as usual. They would only see in which format would the presentations take place in order to avoid hindering next year's planning. They would try to make it happen in early May. In past years the Hong Kong Film Award theme would be concerned with the community, would this year still have some operation like purchasing medical masks for the people? Yee Tung Sing admitted that the Hong Kong Film Awards has done the "Walk with the Hong Kong Film awards" segment, but the problem they faced was people who did not want to participate in forming a team. Even shooting outsides would lead to being infected. "I have mentioned it, and everyone could understand. The Hong Kong Film Award budget did not have a lot of money. I couldn't get enough for my own meeting, how could I buy medical masks for people. We would be better of considering whether we could achieve anything within our abilities!" Now that the earlier prepared projects had to be canceled, would they cause any loss? Yee Tung Sing revealed that only a few. When the planning began the money spent would not affect too much. Since they halted immediately, they were able to accept the loss that would otherwise be enormous if dragged on further. If the outbreak would remain out of control and severe enough to make recording impossible would they have any other plan? Yee Tung Sing said, "We also have thought about the most troublesome case, but of course we don't want anything like this to happen. We would stick to our principles. This is an industry award. This year our voter numbers reached 1,475 people, with 80 more voters. The voting rate was a little lower. Last year's was 66.44%, this year's was 60.63%. However this number wouldn't be considered low. As an industry award, after the voting is completed awards should be presented to the winners. No matter what, this encouragement to them have to be presented." The annual Hong Kong Film Award program would still be published this year, mainly no one wanted any interruption and would like to leave some written contribution. Main special awards like the Lifetime Achievement award and the Professional Spirit award would be produced under safe conditions. Speaking of the current ice age for the film industry, would they meet with the industry to see how they would help the industry? Yee Tung Sing said that he knew that the Federation of Hong Kong Film Workers has begun to discuss with various major affiliated organizations. He also heard that they would meet with related governmental departments, but he did not dare to confirm. Thus it would be best to consult the Federation because the Hong Kong Film Awards did not follow up in this area. The 39th Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday announced its nominations. This year 17 Hong Kong films and 3 Asian Chinese language films would compete for 19 awards. Among them the Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed, Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu starred, school violence themed BETTER DAYS (SIU NIN DIK NEI) received 12 nominations. They included Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress as the film became the most nominated film. Tsang Kwok Cheung earlier with the film won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Film and Best Director awards. Zhou Dongyu also won the Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress. This time Tsang Kwok Cheung and Zhou Dongyu's chances would be greatly increased. The Tsang Kwok Cheung directed film BETTER DAYS received 12 nominations, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress. The team responded. "This time the film received many nominations, which are encouragement for the cast and crew of BETTER DAYS. Thank you everyone for your recognition." Tsang Kwok Cheung's wife Venus Wong Man Yik after receiving this good news also made a video to congratulate the team. In the video she tearfully said, "I am very happy." She also said that she believed that recently everyone needed a lot of energy to face life. Because of these challenges she felt extra grateful for any joy! The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred social subject film I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) has had great word of mouth long ago. This year with 10 nominations it was among the top three most nominated film. Sing Sing let go of his handsome appearance to play a down on his luck financial elite convincingly. In the film he connected with two Best Supporting Actor nominees Cheung Tat Ming and Alex Man Chi Leung, the former was persuasive as a homeless person. Later in the film they with their excellent acting brought the film to its climax. Both would be favorites. Fellow Best Actor Louis Koo Tin Lok with the crime film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG) was nominated for Best Actor but had less likelihood to win. As for MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH) nominee, rookie Chu Pak Hong and BETTER DAYS' well praised Jackson Yee would be dark horse choices. Kwok Fu Sing treated being nominated for Best Actor again normally. "I am very happy to learn that I'M LOVIN' IT has 10 nominations, for the team it is certainly great encouragement. Everyone put their hearts into making a movie that cares about the community, which isn't easy. This time the 10 nominations prove that everyone's hard work isn't wasted." He said that right now he wished for peace in the world the most. Again nominated for Best Actor, Koo Tin Lok replied, "I feel normal, I am already very happy just to be nominated. I wish for good health for everyone." Also nominated for Best Supporting Actor again, Philip Keung Ho Man was at a Penang hospital for a routine physical examination. He happily said, "I am really very surprise to receive this surprise! This year I haven't thought about being nominated, because this year I didn't make too many movies. I originally already plan to stay home and watch the awards. I didn't expect everyone to like this character of mine. I really want to thank all the friends who like A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE, director Fung Chih Chiang. Each time he custom made a role for me it has been a pleasant surprise. Thank you boss Koo Tin Lok, all the actors and co-stars in the film, and thank you Hong Kong Film Awards." Sammi Cheng Sau with her film FAGARA (FA JIU JI MEI) was nominated for Best Actress. In addition Sammi was also nominated with FATAL VISIT (SING HOR SAI MAU SAK ONG). Sammi was already nominated for a sixth time. This time with two Best Actress nominations for two films, she originally would have a better chance. However perhaps her votes would be divided. In addition with Zhou Dongyu who became Best Actress as soon as she arrived at the scene, the competition would be fierce. From the First Feature Film Initiation project, the Stephy Tang Lai Yun starred MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH) and the low budget BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI) starred Cecilia Choi Sze Wan both have online support. In addition, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin with FATAL VISIT was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Currently working overseas, Ah Sa said, "I am grateful! I am very happy to be able to run into a great director, two great co-stars and a great team. I also congratulate Sammi for her Best Actress nomination. I am very happy, I wish everyone good health."THE 39TH HONG KONG FILM AWARDS NOMINATIONSBEST FILMBETTER DAYSSUK SUKFAGARAI'M LIVIN' ITTHE NEW KING OF COMEDYBEST DIRECTORDerek Kwok-cheung Tsang (BETTER DAYS)Kiwi Chow (BEYOND THE DREAM)Ray Yeung (SUK SUK)Heiward Mak (FAGARA)Yip Wai Shun (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST SCREENPLAYLam Wing Sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yimeng (BETTER DAYS)Felix Tsang, Kiwi Chow (BEYOND THE DREAM)Ray Yeung (SUK SUK)Heiward Mak (FAGARA)Norris Wong Yee Lam (MY PRINCE EDWARD)BEST ACTORJackson Yee (BETTER DAYS)Louis Koo (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)Tai Bo (SUK SUK)Chu Pak Hong (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Aaron Kwok (I'M LIVIN' IT)BEST ACTRESSZhou Dongyu (BETTER DAYS)Cecilia Choi (BEYOND THE DREAM)Sammi Cheng (FAGARA)Stephy Tang (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Sammi Cheng (FATAL VISIT)BEST SUPPORTING ACTORPhilip Keung (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)Lo Chun Yip (SUK SUK)Cheung Tat Ming (I'M LIVIN' IT)Alex Man (I'M LIVIN' IT)Zhang Qi (THE NEW KING OF COMEDY)BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESSPatra Au Ka Man (SUK SUK)Megan Lai (FAGARA)Paw Hee Ching (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Cya Liu (I'M LIVIN' IT)Charlene Choi (FATAL VISIT)BEST NEW PERFORMERJackson Yee (BETTER DAYS)Lau Chun Him (BEYOND THE DREAM)Patra Au Ka Man (SUK SUK)E Jingwen (THE NEW KING OF COMEDY)Vanda Margraf (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST CINEMATOGRAPHYYu Jing Pin (BETTER DAYS)Szeto Yat Lui (BEYOND THE DREAM)Tse Chung To Kenny (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)S.K. Yip (FAGARA)Cheng Siu Keung (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST FILM EDITINGZhang Yibo (BETTER DAYS)Law Wing Cheong, Kelvin Chau (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)William Chang Suk Ping, Nose Chan Chui Hing (SUK SUK)William Chang Suk Ping, Peter Chung (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Cheung Ka Fai (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST ART DIRECTIONLiang Honghu (BETTER DAYS)Chet Chan (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)Cheung Siu Hong (FAGARA)Man Lim Chung, Li Kwok Lam Billy (I'M LIVIN' IT)Mak Kwok Keung (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST COSTUME AND MAKE UP DESIGNDora Ng (Better Days)Albert Poon Yick Sum (Suk Suk)Cheung Siu Hong (Fagara)Man Lim Chung, Chan Po Yan Polly (I’m Livin’ It)Lee Pik Kwan (Ip Man 4 The Finale)BEST ACTION CHOREOGRAPHYJack Wong (A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE)Chin Ka Lok, Ka Lok Stunt Team, Wong Wai Fai, Tang Sui Wa, Thomson Ng (LINE WALKER 2)Stephen Tung (DOUBLE WORLD)Hon Ping, Gobi Ng (THE WHITE STORM 2 DRUG LORDS)Yuen Wo Ping (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE) BEST ORIGINAL FILM SCOREVarqa Buehrer (BETTER DAYS)Yusuke Hatano (FAGARA)Eman Lam (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Peter Kam (I'M LIVIN' IT)Kenji Kawai (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST ORIGINAL FILM SONGFLY (BETTER DAYS)Composer:Ellen Joyce LooLyricist:Ellen Joyce Loo, Wu Qing FengVocal Artist:Yoyo Sham SAY IT PROPERLY (FAGARA)Composer, Lyricist:Tonyi NgVocal Artist:Sammi Cheng MY PRINCE EDWARD (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Composer:Eman LamLyricist:Norris Wong Yee LamVocal Artist:Stephy Tang BROTHERHOOD (THE WHITE STORM 2 DRUG LORDS)Composer:Jacky CaiLyricist:Andy LauVocal Artist:Andy Lau, Louis Koo GRAY STARDUST (I'M LIVIN' IT)Composer:Peter KamLyricist:Siu MayVocal Artist:Aaron KwokBEST SOUND DESIGNVictor Ray Ennis (THE CAPTAIN)Tu Duu-Chih, Wu Shu-Yao (BEYOND THE DREAM)Tu Duu-Chih, Chiang Yi Chen (FAGARA)Nip Kei Wing, Ip Siu Kei (THE WHITE STORM 2 DRUG LORDS)Lee Yiu Keung George, Yiu Chun Hin (IP MAN 4 THE FINALE)BEST VISUAL EFFECTS Ellen Poon (THE CAPTAIN)Tam Kai Kwan, Ng Ka Lung, Chung Kar Hau, Yeung Hey Chiu (LINE WALKER 2)Eric Xu, Allen Wei, Li Shuai (DOUBLE WORLD)Victor Wong (THE BRAVEST)Yee Kwok Leung, Ma Siu Fu, Leung Wai Man, Ho Man Lok (THE WHITE STORM 2 DRUG LORDS)BEST NEW DIRECTORJazz Boon (LINE WALKER 2)Norris Wong Yee Lam (MY PRINCE EDWARD)Wong Hing Fan (I'M LIVIN' IT)Leung Kwok Pun Nick (LION ROCK)Cheuk Cheung (BAMBOO THEATRE)BEST ASIAN CHINESE LANGUAGE FILMAN ELEPHANT SITTING STILLDETENTIONSHADOW


The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association announced that due to the recent outbreak the 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival and the 18th Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum will be postponed. The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association chief Albert Lee confirmed that the two flagship events that were originally scheduled to take place in six weeks will be postponed until the summer. The Cine Fan film festival April and May programs will be canceled. He said, "We will discuss with the venue, affiliated organizations, sponsors and alliance partners in hopes of being able to announce even more details in regards to the film festival postponement." The Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum chief Wong Hing Cheung said that the 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum will continue to take place in the same period as the 24th Hong Kong International Film Festival. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has already announced that this year's Hong Kong Film and Television Market will be postponed until August 27th to 29th. Wong Hing Cheung continued, "Our project with the Cannes Film Festival will take place in May as scheduled. Selected projects will be announced in late March." Albert Lee added, "It was not easy to decide to postpone the film festival and the financing forum. As a responsible social organization, we understand that we should first be concerned with the public's health and safety. We sincerely hope that speedy recovery for those who have been affected by the outbreak."


courtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comVenus Wong Man Yik in the new film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI) played a pregnant woman and had to wear a fake belly for a long time. She even had a pregnant woman photo shoot scene. She said that at first she felt it really was a lot of fun, but after awhile she felt that walking was very tough. She needed help with just putting on her shoes. As soon as she arrived at make up she had to put on the fake belly, which she could not take off even during make up or meal time. She said, "Everyday after work I really had back and knee pain. Being pregnant really is very tough, finally I understand why pregnant women are so short tempered." She also praised director Luk Yee Sum for excelling in communicating with actors. She pointed out that because of work she constantly posed for photos, but the director wanted that comedic feel of an ordinary person being in a studio for the first time. She felt it was rather difficult. In addition, she and DaDa Chan Jing, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Koyi Mak Chi Yi in the film were best friends. Comedy ensued during the shoot. In one scene Chan Jing went with the other three to relax on a trip to Macau, but her friends arranged for her to watch a male dance revue. The four of them agreed that the shoot was both awkward and exciting. Yu Heung Yi said that she felt very excited in make up, but during the shoot everyone was very embarrassed.


courtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comcourtesy of mingpao.comBen Yuen Fu Wai yesterday appeared on Commercial Radio. This year's Hong Kong Film Awards due to the outbreak has canceled its physical award show. Yuen Fu Wa said, "First and foremost is the outbreak development. Forget everything else, health is the most important. Health affects all different levels of operation, as soon as it becomes a problem, a lot have to stop. The Hong Kong Film Award has such concerns, and I feel it is a wise decision." He was not nominated for Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with SUK SUK. He admitted that he was disappointed, "I have disappointed people who supported me. They feel that since I was nominated for the Golden Horse Award, I should be nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award. However the two awards have different standards and systems, I can only say that I am sorry for disappointing them. However I am very happy that SUK SUK has 9 nominations. Although I wasn't nominated, I am even happier to help with assisting the advance because I still have many good friends like Cheung Tat Ming, Chu Pak Hong and Au Ka Man, who were nominated. The film industry needs impact, heart to heart. Last year I had a chance to be nominated and everyone was happy for me, so now why wouldn't I be happy for them?" He said that the outbreak has affected work, but health was the most important. He hoped that the outbreak will soon pass. "I have no channel to find medical masks, I can only do my best in prevention and try not to become a burden. (Do you have enough masks?) I have one box. On the Lunar 3rd a friend gave me a box. I have been saving their use and not going out. For now I have enough. Actually there is no need to fight, I might as well save them for high risk personnel. Now I try not to go out, cancel all the gatherings. However I would take the bike to strengthen my body, which can reduce the risk of infection."