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Michelle Wai "plays dead" after the break upcourtesy of on.ccThe Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Danson Tang starred romance LOST AND FOUND IN TOKYO (SHOOK NUI OI MAN YAU) will open on March 12th. In the film Wai Sze Nga played a 29 year old Tao Sha Sha. In several scenes she appeared without any make up. In the story as Tao Sha Sha entered the edge of thirty suddenly, her boyfriend of 13 years Paul (Lawrence Chou Chun Wai) suddenly broke up with her. Heartbroken, she spent three days and three nights without going out or dressing up. She only binge watched dramas as she was determined to let everything go. Wai Sze Nga said, "The director at first told me that one scene would destroy the pretty girl image that I spent years to build, as I would appear as a heartbroken slob. I thought that an actor would not care about his or her image so I told the director to go for it. In the end I even scared myself the first time, but when I looked closer I thought it was sloppy but still cute. Because I couldn't do it normally, I hope the audience would like my special hairstyle." Actually the hardest part of making the scene was not the hard to accept appearance but to accommodate the extremely messy location. She said, "I myself am a girl who likes to be neat. When I got to the set that day I really was surprised, because the set really was designed to be extremely messy. I had to stay alert when I was rehearsing my marks and memorize how to walk the route. I was afraid that during the shoot I would fall down. However the funniest part was that while I was waiting for the take I couldn't help myself but wanting to clean up the place. The director had to tell me to do everyone a favor and just lie back down nicely, haha!"


courtesy of singtao.comcourtesy of mingpao.comThe 39th Hong Kong Film Awards earlier announced its nominations. Among them Sammi Cheng Sau Man with the film FAGARA (FA JIU JI MEI) and the not yet officially released FATAL VISIT (SING HOR SAI MAU SAK ONG) were nominated for Best Actress. Sammi received her sixth nomination as this year she had "double" and was the favorite for Best Actress. Two days ago she talked about her Hong Kong Film Award nominations on social media. "Two characters enable mi to compete for Best Actress, thank you voters." Two days ago on Valentine's Day, Sammi posted on social media not about love but about her Hong Kong Film Award nominations. Sammi first said that FAGARA's theme song SAY IT PROPERLY (HO HO SUET) was also nominated for "Best Film Song". "mi has won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Film Song once and the Golden Horse Best Film Song. This time would be the third time competing for this song award, and I am happy inside!" Sammi continued, "As for all the nominations, I haven't grind my teeth and have to win out. I haven't resigned to feel that I wouldn't win at all. However, I feel that I have used 'treat it normally' too many times in the past twenty years to respond to each nomination. Aside from those three words, I actually have even more intricate feelings but I don't know how to express them." Yesterday she just received lyrics, two verses of which suitably described her feelings. "'Dreams are frighteningly distant, like they are insurmountable' Truly, I have had that moment when 'I was defeated to the point that I lacked even the courage and the dream to win (dare to win)'. I even began to question myself. However, for twenty years, mi hoped to achieve a type of metamorphic performance even more. I am grateful I finally met these two characters. Awards have twists and turns, but mi realizes that 'a normal heart' is still the most perfect state of mind. Continuous improvement in my performance is my real final destination. No matter how it turns out, I am the most grateful for the teams of these two films; because each nomination deeply contains the hard work and love of the team." Finally Sammi thanked everyone who has been with her over n time nominations and also congratulated FAGARA on its 11 nominations, Ah Sa (Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin)'s Best Supporting Actress nomination with FATAL VISIT and Megan Lai's Best Supporting Actress nomination with FAGARA. She also had to thank producers Ann Hui On Wa and Chu Nui for their trust in her.


Calvin Poon praises Sammi Cheng's focus in her FATAL VISIT performance, playing the role to its fullest.While making FATAL VISIT, Calvin Poon discusses the story with Sammi Cheng, Charlene Choi and Tong DaweiCalvin Poon last year in Toronto marries Rita, 17 years his juniorCalvin Poon does not want to discuss old flame Rache Lee, only wishing her the bestcourtesy of mingpao.comThe film FATAL VISIT (SING HOR SAI MAU SAK ONG) was Calvin Poon Yuen Leung directed. Many after the screenings had nothing but praise for Sammi Cheng Sau Man's performance, as they felt that she would have a chance to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Poon Yuen Leung also hoped that Sammi would win Best Actress with this film because her performance was truly too great. She also gave up a lot. As a diva she had several chair smashing scenes, she still wanted to perform them personally despite having a double. She completely had no consider for possible injury. "She truly was very focused, I told her not to take too much risk but she still wanted to perform personally." Director Poon Yuen Leung was very demanding for the Cheng Sau Man played Ling in the film, but Sammi was able to achieve every task. He said, "In the film Sammi completely expressed her relationship with (Dominic) Lam Ka Wa, her desire with Tong Dawei, giving it up no matter how much she didn't want to; she and Lam Ka Wa moved to start over somewhere else, but Lam Ka Wa was still so hard to take. When Tong Dawei came to find her, something happened. She became helpless and tried to fix the entire mater alone, which made her behave much more like what everyone would consider abnormal. She started everything for love!" Although Ling was so complicated inside, Poon Yuen Leung had full confidence in Sammi because she really knew how to perform on camera. Like earlier in WU YEN (CHUNG MO YIM) and NEEDING YOU (GOO NAM GWA NUI) she was all to reach the entire range of emotions. He said, "Age wise she was very close to the character, too young and she would not have the past and experience. If Sammi was 10 years later she might not be suitable for the role. Now she is perfect. The role ran into her at the most suitable time." The film was adapted from a play of the same name. Sammi, Choi Cheuk Yin and Tong Dawei were all Poon Yuen Leung's first choice actors. He felt that they would be able to further develop the original characters' personalities. He said, "The most changes were made to Tong Dawei's character, from the original's Hong Kong immigrant in Canada to the Mainland immigrant there. Because of market considerations, I kept the boss in mind so the return was also important. I wouldn't sound so high and mighty, with the bigger market even more viewers can be reached. I want that too. The original creator (Candace) Chong Mui Ngan also agreed to the changes. Tong Dawei is one of the actors I want to work with the most. He is very suitable, rough with some details. He is afraid of his wife, you would believe it, until later when resistance explodes out of him and he also has that type of energy. In order to play Ling's husband Tang, he spent a lot of time in preparation. He went from not knowing anything Cantonese to learning line by line with our recording and to converse with Sammi in Cantonese. He made the film even closer to reality and gave it a sense of familiarity." Ah Sa's performance also surprised him because she was able to completely reach the stability a girl would become after becoming lost. This film was Poon Yuen Leung's fourth film as a director after KISS ME GOODBYE (LUEN OI GWAI JIT), HI, FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN), and REPEAT, I LOVE YOU (YING JI OI YUN). Did he like to make romantic films because he was richly romantic, projecting his feeling into the film? Poon Yeun denied that he was richly romantic, he only liked to make woman subject films. He did so not because he understood women but because they had more dramatic elements. "Because women's expressions have more variety than men's, richer with more changes, they might be mad but not really mad. Like in FATAL, Sammi started from love. However when love became excessive what would happen? From a purely dramatic angle, women's drama is very rich. However whether my work is purely about love, each other have their own point of view." When asked if she was just as stubborn about love as Sammi in the film? What kind of view on love did he hold? Poon Yuen Leung said, "I am already 60 something, what kind of view on love would I have left? Happiness is the most important. (Were you stubborn about love before?) Possibly, but people have to grow up. In the film Sammi finally learned to let go as well. (Were you not apt at handling relationships?) I definitely wasn't someone who got 100, not to mention someone great at it. (Have you hurt others before?) No matter what I have, I have hurt my former wife because I was young and naive. As for (Rachel) Lee Lai Chun I don't need to discuss any more, since I have already said it before. (Did Lee Lai Chun give him the blessing to remarry?) I gave mine to her too, I hop that her turns could be taken a little smoother. Actually who is right or wrong it is not longer needed to be discussed. In the end we wish each other well. (Do you need to learn to let go of relationships like in the film?) The smile Sammi flashed at the end of the film was the realization of something, which was a deliberate design. Of course this woman missed out on a lot. She did a lot more than she should have, but she should have her own realization. For example earlier she got a piece of white rabbit candy, in the end she saw a live white rabbit and she smiled. (Would letting go be happier?) At any time you have to let go, if you still don't let go at a certain age each step would be hard to take." Poon Yeung Leung was a famous lyricist, at the Hong Kong Film award he has won the film song awards. Last year he even received the music achievement award from CASH. Would he want to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Director? He said that he has never thought about it. He only hoped that investors would get the return they should have, and the cast and the crew to receive awards. If he would receive one of course he would gladly accept it, but award has never been a goal. The most important was for the audience to like his work, felt the film was meaningful and inspired everyone a little. He also hoped that in the second half of life he would make more movies. "If this film is popular and the boss makes money, maybe I would have the chance to make another film. However now the film industry is in an ice age. You can count how many big directors are working. However the colder the ice age, projects that originally have no possibility of being made may be able to be made."


courtesy of singtao.comKevin Chu Kam Yin and Dada Chan Jing in the film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI) played a couple. In the film Dada worked a highly paid public relations job, but with a sudden pregnancy her life plan was thrown into chaos. In real life Dada stated that she really liked children because a family would only feel complete with a child. Dada and her protagonist who felt hindered by pregnancy in her new film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE had completely different views. She admitted that she would like to have two children. "I am very traditional, I already want a son and a daughter in the future. The older brother can take care of the younger sister. Maybe because I was born to a single parent family, at age 6 my parents split up, when I was little I really wanted an older brother. Maybe I would be bullied and hoped to have an older brother to protect me." Dada said that on and off screen she grew up in a single parent family, but in the film due to childhood trauma she did not like children. Although they had similar family backgrounds, her views were very different from her character's. She said, "During the performance I would add or subtract, then put some of my own experience into it. Adding some of the director's ideas on top, sometimes I would play how I feel. Thus with the childhood memory part, I remember my past and feel like the knot in my heart has been untied. I am very happy to have this chance to relieve the pain in the film." First time in a leading role, Chu Kam Yin said that he sensed the pressure because he was opposite a charming co-star in Dada. In addition his role was very heavy, as this time he played a good husband and a father to be. During the shoot he received confidence from the director and the actors though. As a former Hong Kong swim team representative, Kevin said that in the film he played a basketball player and revealed that through the director he met a group of basketball players with children. From them he got an understanding of their state of mind and sympathy to help with this performance. He said, "I felt their pain, they are athletes. On top of that a life is about to arrive, this pressure is rather heavy." Because Kevin and Dada in the film played a couple, they had intimate scenes. He even gave his first on screen kiss to Dada. Dada jokingly asked if she needed to give him lai see and explained that only after the shoot did she find out that this was his first on screen kiss. She said, "After shooting this scene someone said to me that it might have been Kevin's first on screen kiss. I didn't know at all, but he performed very well! Haha!"


courtesy of mingpao.comcourtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comFilm company boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming with Dada Chan Jing and Adam Pak Tin Nam yesterday appeared at the airport. They were heading to Malaysia for a film company appreciation banquet. With the novel coronavirus outbreak, Wong Pak Ming not only strengthened the prevention measures at cinemas under his banner but also gave medical masks to viewers. He also supported a temporarily suspension of operations at cinemas to "avoid the outbreak" and put safety first! Wong Pak Ming, Dada, Pak Tin Nam all wore medical masks and glasses for their appearance. Wong Pak Ming said that he also had air purifiers and hand sanitizer and would take the full prevention measure. "This trip is because of an Indian distribution company that we have worked with for 10 years since ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL in 2010. After the film IP MAN 3's 30 million RM box office, this time IP MAN 4 also made 36 million RM. Twice we have broken the Chinese box office record there. In the Lunar New Year ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 also headed toward 7 million RMB, a decent performance. Under the outbreak, we can use all the help we can get. Actually films would have different performance in different places. IP MAN 4 in the Mainland made 1.2 billion RMB. (Did it make any profit?) If no profit can be made from 1.2 billion, how can any profit be made! This performance has already reached the target because the four films' box office went from 100, 200, 800 million to 1.2 billion. In addition it was released on Christmas, we were very lucky that it was not affected." Speaking of many films having to halt production, Wong Pak Ming said, "G STORM (G FUNG BO) originally would resume work after the Lunar New Year. Now we would make the decision based on the situation. We are in no hurry to start work. Workers would be arranged to work from home. We haven't asked them to take unpaid time off." Speaking of the government's suggestion for all entertainment venues to temporarily suspend operation, Wong Pak Ming said, "The government has sent people to discuss with the Theater Association. So far we have not reached any agreement. Cinemas under my banner will strengthen disinfection, take viewer temperature and give away free medical masks so attendees would rest easy." He also supported cinema operation suspension. "It should stop and reopen after the outbreak. Actually the current admission rate is declining, family audience has been the most affected." The Hong Kong Film Awards canceled its physical award show. He said that it was the choice to make under the outbreak, and nothing could be done about the award climate decline. Dada and Pak Tin Nam both had enough material and did not need to fight. Dada pointed out that during the Lunar New Year she rarely went out but she got fat from eating. No one noticed because she was hiding behind the mask, but she would wait and see with optimism. Yesterday she was able to go out and she was happier. Pak Tin Nam stayed at home and exercised more, took vitamins to strengthen immunity, which were all good ways to prevent the outbreak.


courtesy of mingpao.comcourtesy of on.cccourtesy of singtao.comCharlee Choi Cheuk Yin's film industry development has been decent. Recognized for her acting, last year she competed for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI). This year with the film FATAL VISIT (SING HOR SAI MAU SAK ONG) she received her first Best Supporting Actress nomination. Ah Sa said that she was very grateful. "I am very happy to be able to run into a great director, two great co-stars and a great team." Currently working on a web drama overseas, Ah Sa's series co-star Nina Paw Hee Ching was also nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress with MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH). Cinematographer Tse Chung To was nominated for Best Cinematography with the film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG). The series team earlier held a surprise celebration for them. That day after finishing the shoot, the team suddenly brought of champagne and Ah Sa was very surprised. She said, "While at work we received the nomination news. Everyone were very happy, congratulating and cheering each other on. However I never thought that after the shoot they would have more surprises. I really am very appreciative for everyone."


The Police feels HEADLINE discredits the work it has done during the outbreakWong Hei introduces hot jobs at the "scared force"Gregory Wong also guest stars as Black Jackcourtesy of mingpao.comRadio and Television Hong Kong's HEADLINER last Friday (February 14th) invited Wong Hei and Gregory Wong Chung Hiu to perform. Wong Hei host the "Shocking Information" segment, while Wong Chung Hiu appeared as "Black Jack" and "Gong Tong Gan" with hosts Tsang Chi Ho, Ng Ch Sum and Law Kai Sun in a comedy skit. The program originally was scheduled to air at 6PM on TVB Jade, but due to the live broadcast of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor's press conference it was postponed until last night. However the program still caught attention. Yesterday RTHK Broadcasting Authority chief Leung Ka Wing received complaint that HEADLINER's "Shocking Information" segment discredited the police's performance during the outbreak and expressed extreme regret. RTHK's Amen Ng Man Yee stressed that they had no intention to discredit or ridicule. The program only used a parody format to reflect social phenomenon and different voices. Wong Hei in the HEADLINER's "Shocking Information" segment plays the host "Chung Yung Ngai" and introduces the "scared" job posting, expressing the police's performance during the outbreak and their equipment that became viral online in a satirical format. The over 3 minute long segment was lively and earned a laugh from the audience. However, the Broadcasting Authority chief Leung Ka Wing yesterday received a letter of complaint from the Police Commissioner (care of Kwok Ka Chuen), citing that the "Shocking Information" segment on numerous occasionally discredited the police force's job during the outbreak and expressed extreme regret; it also rebutted that the massive outbreak prevention equipment stockpile at the police that the program alluded to was untrue; it also claimed that the program completely neglected the police's work and effort in fighting the outbreak and demanded the Broadcasting Authority chief to follow up. RTHK's organization communication and program standard division director Amen Ng Man Yee admitted that they have received the complaint. "We understand that the police has done a lot on outbreak prevention, other government departments like medical and healthcare and others have also done a lot. The program only reflects social phenomenon, has different voices and appears in a parody format for the viewers." She also stressed that they had no intention to discredit and ridicule. At the end of "Shocking Information", Wong Hei waved to the camera and said, "See you next episode!" When asked if "Shocking Information" would be a regular part of the program, she said that HEADLINER segments have variety. As for whether it will be a regular part, she would have to get an understanding from the production team. Wong Hei revealed that "Shocking Information" will be biweekly. "Today is Sunday, I haven't received any new program related guidance." Conceivably the outside would be concerned about whether the segment would remain. How did Wong Hei feel about the police complaint to RTHK? He said, "The letter issuer only has a three Chinese characters, no official title, no assigned number, no identification card number. Who knows if it is whoever writing a chain letter. I have no comment." According to information, Kwok Ka Chuen is the police public relations bureau chief superintendent. Due to the police complaint to RTHK, HEADLINER's "Shocking Information segment has gone viral online. Its social media platform hit rate has drastically increased, with messages like "Thank you police for helping with HEADLINER's promotion, I am watching right now!" "Seeing Wong Hei and Wong Hung Chung, truly it is both yellow (Wong) and joyous (Hei)". "Radio and Television Hong Kong program staff union" on facebook yesterday posted the RTHK union response. "Faced with this 'outbreak border war' the government's prevention policy has been criticized. Now medical and healthcare prevention equipment has a shortage and the police force receives a large amount of protective material, citizens' expectation of the police is naturally elevated. HEADLINER has always taken a parody style for modern satire. This union hopes that the police would pay attention to the public criticism and dedicate itself to servicing the general public, doing what it promises and utilizing the beliefs of loyalty, sincerity, courage and dedication on helping to fight the outbreak and connect with the community. This union notices that the police force has targeted this station more than once. Now it again attempts suppression with speech. This union strongly demand the police force to respect RTHK's professionalism and the editor's independence, focusing on protecting the public as it should."


courtesy of singtao.comLouis Cheung Kai Chung and Candy Yu On On worked together for the first time in the film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI). Playing a maturity helper internet star, Cheung Kai Chung was paid handsomely to supervise her daughter in law Dada Chan Jing's diet and rest. As an internet star maturity helper, Cheung Kai Chung said that after taking the role he shared his view on maturity helpers with the director. When his daughter daughter was born they hired a maturity helper, from which he had quite a deep impression. He felt how noble it was to be a maturity helper! "I feel maturity helpers are almost in the same class as doctors in my heart, because they save a family. After I talked with the director, she added a lot into the script." In the film when Cheung Kai Chung often gave advice to the soon to be father Kevin Chu Kam Yin to prepare for the soon to arrive baby. Cheung Kai Chung said that his performance reminded him of himself back then. "Back then when my wife was carrying the older son and her water broke, I was the one who drove to the hospital. I still remember that after finishing work at the studio it was already early morning. When I got home I was still very hungry! I was planning to make ramen when the Old Lady said her water broke. So I carried her downstairs to drive her, but all the cars were in the way! I wanted to ram other people's cars out of the way, like I really was crazy!" With two daughters, Yu On On said that in the past most mostly only wealthy clans would hire maturity helper. Thus during pregnancy she would ask her mother for advice and take care of herself. On On also said that back then when she had her older daughter she was not too stable. The doctor asked her to be on bed rest for three months. "At the time I only lay in bed. I did everything in bed aside from going to the bathroom. Even when I urinated I didn't dare to do it too hard. Now I can laugh about it, but back then it was very worrying! After three months the doctor said that the condition was more stable. However I didn't dare to walk around freely until the sixth month. The younger daughter was born on the Lunar 3rd, a premature birth baby. On the Lunar 2nd I was at home and ate like crazy. Mama told me not to keep eating, otherwise I would give birth from all the eating. Finally that night the birth really started!" Although On On is already a grandmother, she said that she was open minded and would not be longing for a grandchild like her character. She said that her older daughter and son in law both really like children, but her son in law was more in a hurry to become a father. She felt that the most important was for them to be prepared mentally to be parents. "I would share a lot about what they would face in the future, but after making this film I felt great because the result could show the trouble and the concern a couple would run into when having children. So I definitely would ask my daughters to watch."


courtesy of singtao.comAfter years in film and television, veteran actor Tai Bo (Cheung Ka Nin) recently won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actor. Actually in the past he has performed in countless film and television series and his acting has been recognized. Tai Bo most recently in the film SUK SUK played a gay man and won Best Actor at the 26th Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards along with BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI)'s Lau Chun Him. However Tai Bo said that when he took the role he suspected whether he would be able to master the role. Director Ray Yeung even went to Taiwan three times to persuade him to perform. "This film is a role that I have never played before, as a professional actor I feel it's still fine. However I considered this character to be a 60 something homosexual, would I be able to play this character? I struggled. The director after watching my performance in GLAMOROUS YOUTH flew to Taiwan three times for me. First when I read the script I took 3 months. After reading it I discussed it with my family and my wife. My wife said, 'This script is good, you take it!' So I took the role. I asked the director how far would the film go, but the director said that the relationship would be very light. Playing a twilight homosexual relationship with Yuen Fu Wa in the film, Tai Bo stated that they did not know each other before hand. Although before the performance they did not study how to perform, after they took their marks they very naturally performed according to the script. "I understand the character I play this time, Pak. Often people have expiration dates, but what are in their hearts are forever. This relationship can't be too wild, too revealing; so it is secretive and hidden, something that they want but can't have. When he runs into this romance, this very short term relationship explodes out of the 60 something." Playing a brokeback relationship, Tai Bo admitted that he was very pleased to be able to perform from within. He even joked that the reason the director asked him was perhaps his potential. Every take has been a good one and few changes were made. "I performed with the method that I came up with, so I really was like the character Pak. This type of character truly doesn't come long even when you ask for it! We were able to have the recognition of those who have seen the film. While at the Busan Film Festival, although the people there didn't understand Chinese they were moved to tears during the screening. This movie isn't about sex, just family and friendship. During decades of acting, I mostly performed in commercial films in the past. I have also made dramatic films, but this performance left a very deep impression." After winning the Film Critic Society Best Actor award, was he confident that he would win the Hong Kong Film Award? He said, "In this business I have never deliberately made a movie in order to win an award. I go with the flow! If it comes, I will accept it. I am already very happy to have professional praises and recognition."

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