I was apprehensive that I could cook shrimp in 10 minutes on a sheet pan and it turn out well, but I was amazed at how EASY this was to do – not to mention delicious!! After eating out so often lately because of long hours at work, I was craving a home-cooked meal but didn’t have the energy for too much prep or clean up. This satisfied all my needs AND I got to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while it was doing the brunt of the “cooking” – no active babysitting of the stovetop necessary. Talk about a winning weeknight meal. 😉


Very good! The shrimp actually took about 12 minutes to cook through for me. I coated the shrimp with the seasoning in a freezer bag and then added the veggies to coat as well before dumping on the sheet pan. Delicious!


I cooked for 6 minutes and broiled for 2 minutes. Perfect! I added Mexican oregano, some coriander (from the cilantro plant). Served with cilantro, avocado and chopped tomato. To make clean up easy, line the cookie shet with foil. Put flour tortillas in foil in the oven while shrimp was cooking. Muy bueno!!


Amazing and soooo easy!! Perfect week night meal for working couple! I make this at least 2x per month or more. The only thing I do differently, is to put the shrimp on a separate small sheet pan, so that when they are done, you simply take them out and then turn the oven to broil for the remaining peppers/onions mixture. We love this recipe and you will too!


This was not worth making in our opinion. First, the instructions are not specific. It tells you to lay the shrimp out in a single layer on the baking sheet, then add peppers, onion etc & mix with the shrimp. Well why put the shrimp in a single layer 1st, why not just mix it all together & then spread out evenly. The second thing that was strange is after it bakes with ingredients all mixed, your to take the shrimp off & broiled the peppers. OK, but the shrimp is all mixed in & a pain to dig through everything. My third problem was you hardly tasted the fajita seasoning. Since we just made the Quick and Easy Shrimp Fajitas from this website we’ll stick with that because you use a whole package of fajita or taco mix, & no messing trying to separate peppers, onions & shrimp. You fry the peppers & onion then set aside & do the shrimp. This to me is much easier. For those who want to mess around go for it, but I like quick & easy without fuss.


This is one of my family’s favorite meals! Super easy and delicious. I have made it with both shrimp and chicken. It makes the best chicken fajitas that I’ve ever had – moist and tender chicken every time. I used chicken strips and marinated them in the olive oil and fajita seasoning mixture then baked with the peppers for about 20 minutes. The shrimp took about 10-15 minutes to thoroughly cook.


These were so easy & delicious! I used a yellow onion because it’s what I had on hand. When I make them again and I definitely will I will sub a green bell pepper for either the yellow or red as the two together made them just a little sweet for my tastes.


i made it exactly per the recipe. Excellent. It will be part of our regular meals (when shrimp is on sale!). Served it with guacamole and a shoepeg corn salad. YUM


These are SO good and so easy!! The cooking time for the shrimp is perfect. I broiled the vegetables a bit longer than stated and added green bell pepper to the mix. We loved them and I’ll make this recipe again soon!

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